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Receive relief of aches & pains!!!


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                          THE STORY OF RAMEDICA

A young man, Lim See Tiew, on the Island of Hainan, China, during the Ming Dynasty, discovered this herbal formula over a century ago. See Tiew's quest to find the perfect formula for aches and pains and other aliments became a legend in Asia-a formula so effective it became known as "the wonder balm".

Lim See Tiew experimented with endless combinations of herbs and he read every book on the subject that he could find. The ointment he concocted in his kitchen was effective, although he felt it could be even better. The perfect formula eluded him for several years. One afternoon while he was returning from the mountains, See Tiew became overcome with depression and fatigue. He sank down upon a large rock to rest and to make a crucial decision: should he continue to make the balm or should he give it up once and for all? Suddenly a strange thing happened that caught his  attention. As he gazed across the meadow before him, a gentle breeze sprang up causing all the shrubs but one to bend and sway. This shrub alone appeared stationary and unyielding, but when the wind died down, it began to ripple and wave in motion while the other shrubs were still.
Mystified, See Tiew carried it home to experiment with it. When this particular herb was added to the recipe, the effect was instantaneous. His search was ended. The formula was complete… Ramedica was born!

An American scientist of native Malaysian descent, Prof. T.Aaron Lim, was so impressed with the miraculous healing properties of the wonder balm that he purchased the century-old formula and all its rights from See Tiew's descendants in 1990. Prof. Lim conceptualized and created a world vision to have the "wonder balm" in the hands of all who need it.




Aches and pains of numerous types exist today! They are a common everyday annoyance! In our fast moving world, most all individuals encounter aches and pains as they proceed in their activities of daily living, even with all our modern day technologies and advances.

Ramedica is the answer to relieve these aches and pains.


Ramedica…Herbal Wonder Balm has mild rubefacient, analgesic, local aesthetic   effects. When massaged gently on the skin, a  cooling effect is felt initially, followed by a sensation of warmth.
The warm, soothing sensation may last for a period of up to
several hours.

Ramedica has the ability to treat diversified ailments such as:


   Back pain

·  Rheumatism

·  Minor inflammations

·  Insect bites

·  Itch

·  Skin problems

·  Lumbago

·  Bursitis

·  Tennis elbow

·  Carpal tunnel

·  Strains

·  Sprains

·  Headaches (Migraine)

·  Minor sports injuries

·  Fibromyalgia

·  Minor burns

·  Psoriasis

·  Stomach aches

·  Arthritis



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