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About Sue...






                                    Life is a Gift!

   Open Your Heart and Give it Your All!

                                       Hi,  my  name is   Sue Oneschuk   RN (retired)

                                                    L ife Fulfillment  Coach

                                                        Reiki Practitioner.


                                           Life is a soul's journey!

                              E mbracing   all life has to offer!

                            Living  into infinite possibilities!

                           Being willing   to be unstoppable  !   

                Bringing   balance into  mind, body and  Spirit!

          Creating  a Life of fulfillment, love, peace and  joy!

                     Coming to  the deep   awareness     that...

                                  I  am    not a human being having

                                                a spiritual     experience;

                                              I AM a SPiritual Being

                                         having a human  experience!  

These are just   some  of the  concepts, beliefs and truths    I have   learned

to  integrate and    live by, through out my  years.

All this is just   a glimpse  of   what I am truly grateful for,

that the gift  of life   has  presented to  me .

My   passion  for  spiritual, personal and  professional  growth

and development  definitely  supports my  passion for coaching.

I coach women  who are 40  plus  years , who are on a self discovery path

and are finding themselves     blocked,  stuck or stopped, and are

desiring more  fulfillment, peace, joy and love in there life.

I  have    been studying and  practicing alternative and complimentary approaches to health in mind, body and spirit for a number of years.

 This contributes to  my    own ongoing   maintaining   of my health

and well being in mind, body and spirit.

 Also, my  deep     passion for spiritual, personal and professional growth

and development led me to   extensive training in that area.


I have been facilitating A Course in Miracles study groups

for the last 20    plus years.

As well, I have    facilitated many book study groups,

workshops  and  I    am    passionate  about   public speaking.


I have had the opportunity to have    been on several spiritual  journeys

to   Egypt, walking the path of the initiates, along with other spiritual

journeys  to Malaysia, India, Peru, Sedona and Brazil.


My  goal is  be a centenarian, living a life I   love, with vitality, passion,

being unconditionally loving  and being of service, contributing to  others, leaving them empowered, moved, touch and inspired.


 On my personal life’s journey, which I chose to define as.......

                                                 “The Journey of the Soul"

I have encountered  numerous challenges, many dark nights of the soul and  times, as well, of moving through the eye of the needle  so to speak.

Along the way, in learning to acknowledge and   accept     my  own   humanity,

  consequently, I became  more and  more    unstoppable in discovering and owning my blind spots, to being unconditionally loving.

 It has been a path on which to live  more and more, moment  to   moment ,

with an open  heart.

All of this, as  well as being  a  Reiki  Practitioner  and  with my  years  of  experience  as a  Registered  Nurse,   I provide  coaching  inclusive  of mind, body and spirit. This all    leads  to my having a life  of fulfillment.

I teach/coach  from what I have taken on and practiced   in my life

for my own  growth  and development.

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